What’s the Difference Between Vectors and Pixels

There are a couple circle-vector-vs-bitmapof different types of computer graphics that are being used today. One of them consists of something called pixels (they are also known as raster, but are commonly called bitmap images). The other includes paths (they are called vectors). Bitmap i
mages follow grids where the pixels can be of different shades and different colors. When it comes to vectors, they use mathematical formulas which calculate the paths and points that translate into images.

What are pixels used for?

Pixels can be used for anything which you don’t want to print. So if you are thinking of making a website, a banner, a graphic for your computer, a flyer which you aren’t going to print, you can make all of it using pixel graphics.

What are vectors used for?

Vectors can be used for anything you need to print. So if you’re creating designs for t-shirts, logos, or package designs, this is the way to go.

There are a lot of people who, for reasons only they know, never work with the best of both these worlds for creating something which is better. For example, if you’re looking at creating a nice design for t-shirts then even though you should use vectors for creating the graphics without them getting jagged, you could also use pixel images as long as they have a resolution of 300. Sure, this might take a little more time for you to do, but you get the privilege of working with software like Photoshop which is much easier to use as compared to Illustrator. Just remember that you should think outside the box and combine all of your thoughts and ideas from other things as well so that you can create something that is absolutely new and that is exactly where good designs usually begin.