Here are the Most Common Uses of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular programs around. But why? Is it the flexibility? Is it the ability to export high-resolution artwork? The ease with which you can manipulate lines, strokes, and colors? Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular uses of the program:

Drawing icons3-750x499

Why would you use the Illustrator to draw icons? It’s because the software comes with a powerful grid system which makes it very easy for you to draw precise icon graphics. This means it can be used for drawing basic shapes likes rectangles, squares, circles, etc. The align tools and snapping features make it easier to arrange and draw shapes. To fill colors, just select shapes and choose the colors.

Drawing maps

The pen and line tool lets you draw shapes and lines in Illustrator. The pen tool will let you draw any shape. It might be difficult to understand how to use this tool but when you understand how it works; you won’t take too long to draw or edit shapes.

Drawing info graphics

Magazines and newspapers use info graphics for showing figures and statistics. Most drawings are done using Illustrator since it has some useful tools for drawing pie charts and graphs automatically using data.

Drawing realistic objects

You can also achieve photo realistic product drawings using Illustrator. The mesh and gradient tools are very popular when it comes to creating smooth and realistic shadings. The end product is realistic objects which can amaze anyone.

Drawing cartoons

The flat colors have made it easier for you to create cartoons. The pen tool makes it very easy for you to draw shapes or color. Apart from the pen tool, there’s the gradient tool which also makes shading and coloring easy. Swapping colors is not going to be a problem.