3 Reasons Vector Art Creation Is Often Outsourced to India

Vector art Creation, as with anything IT, is more often outsourced to India. But why is the Indian Silicon Valley such a powerhouse in the IT world? In this article we will try to break it down and give you a short explanation. The enormous resource that India is, both in population and IT-knowledge, is quite an important dynamic to know about and relate to, both for businesses considering outsourcing, as well as professionals trying to compete with their Indian counterparts. Here are three reasons why vector art creation often is outsourced to india.

shutterstock_137109263The price situation

The cost of living in India is not comparable to the western world, giving them the opportunity to drop prices way below what you would have to pay an equivalent professional in the western world. India is one of the cheapest places to live in the world, a fact making their prices almost humorously low compared to western rates, without compromising on the quality. On the other hand, this makes India a great country to travel in, since you can stay there for a long time on money earned in the west. Check out Artofasudev.org.in for more information on how to plan your trip to India.

An abundance of competence

India has specialized a lot of their resources on becoming a great IT-nation. They have a lot of highly regarded universities with information technology as their speciality. While the country in many aspects is poor, the engineering scene is very well developed. Especially around Bangalore, which is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India. India’s efforts on becoming a more industrialized country have been focused on computer technology in all its different aspects and it is starting to pay off. Lastly, Indian IT professionals have the advantage of different time zones. They know how to leverage the time zone difference, since they are often working while you are sleeping.